Vision, mission and values

Our vision, mission and values are the standards that we live and work by every day. They are how we see the future of health and social care services, and are our framework for helping us to get there without compromising who we are.

Our vision

For every person with care and support needs to have access to personalised, outcome focused services that are delivered with dignity, respect and compassion and support them to enjoy an everyday life.

Our mission

To provide high quality health and social care services that are innovative, responsive and flexible to each individual’s needs and choices.

Our values

We have 5 core values that underpin our strategic plan. They guide the way we work, our policies and procedures, and how we interact with each other, partners and service users. Embracing these values is what makes us unique and strong.

  • Integrity: We act with honesty and integrity. 
  • Respect: We value people and treat them with respect.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence.
  • Knowledge: We inspire with knowledge. 
  • Collaboration: We communicate and collaborate openly.