Healthy outdoor activities

It's time to grab your trainers and head outside!

We have compiled a list of healthy outdoor activities that will allow you to get some much needed fresh air, as well as enjoy a bit of exercise at the same time.

Go for a walk

Not only does it help with weight loss and toning up, walking is a great way to boost energy. A brisk walk boosts circulation and increases the oxygen supply to your body, helping you feel more alive and alert. There are hundreds of beautiful walks across the country, so why not take a look at the National Trust Walking website and start exploring. 


Do you have a local outdoor swimming pool? Grab a towel and dive in! As well as being a great way to improve your fitness, swimming is the perfect way to cool down in the warm weather.

Yoga in the park

Outdoor yoga is a wonderful way to grab some fresh air whilst doing exercise. Yoga helps increase flexibility, muscle strength and help maintain a balanced metabolism. Not only is yoga good for your body, it's also good for your mind. Yoga is proven to reduce stress and increase your overall sense of wellbeing. So, why not do it in the sun?

Go for a bike ride

Cycling is a fantastic workout with lots of interest and fun to keep you going along the way. If you don’t have far to travel, try cycling instead of using your car. Whether you cycle to the shops, to visit friends or even to work, you’re adding a fitness activity to your day without realising.


Now is the perfect time to try a new sport. Tennis improves the health of your entire body, giving you a more powerful immune system, as well as improving your coordination.