Community Awards 2014

For the first time ever, this year’s Community Awards were open to people who access our services and to volunteers.

In the weeks running up to the conference, employees, volunteers, service users and carers could nominate individuals or groups for one of the four awards being presented.

The awards ceremony, hosted by Mark Thornton, was an inspiring part of the day. It showcased some of the amazing people and incredible work that takes place at Making Space.

Our winners were congratulated on stage by Sylvia Kelly, Chair of the Board of Trustees and Elaine Parker-Johnson, Chief Executive of Making Space.

Congratulations to all our winners.

Going the Extra Mile

Winner - Shirley Fitzsimmons for going above and beyond in her voluntary work at our Wigan Domiciliary service.

Trying Something New

Winner - Paul Fletcher for overcoming his learning disabilities to learn how to read and write.

Making a Difference

Winner - Ann Peet for volunteering her time to help Paul Fletcher. Paul said “Ann has given me a second chance at life.”

Volunteering in the Community

Winner - Adrienne Leahy from Yorkshire for her work in setting up a group to transform the gardens at her service.

Finally we were proud to award a special recognition to Adrian Johnson from Greater Manchester for Achievement in Creativity. His fantastic artwork on display received much attention from all who attended.