A poem for World Mental Health Day

We recently received this poem from Tom Doolan, one of our tenant support workers in Lancashire, to celebrate World Mental Health Day. Tom is a wonderful poet and has been kind enough to share this with us. 

October 10 - World Mental Health Day

Some people they couldn't even care less
Life is so very tough and full of unfairness
Today is the one annual day to raise awareness
Teach understanding tolerance and careness
This day is World Mental Health Day
Remember the date of October 10 ok
Speak up and tell Joe public better risk it
We are not just a statistic that takes the biscuit

Every day is a struggle just to get through
Medication can help you that may be so true
Sometimes all we need is a little respect
Mental illness has a long term devastating effect
If you could look inside my spinning head
You would see a landscape of anxiety and dread
I live in an invisible world under cloudy skies
You will never see the tears inside that I cry

There are lots of people that continue to suffer
Mother or father friend sister or brother
It could be your colleague partner or loved one
There is nowhere to hide and nowhere to run
I really don’t want to bore you or tell you lies
But an awful lot of people are stigmatized
In a world expecting perfection that is no surprise
We all have trials and tribulations that may arise

The time has come to stop talking and end my story
I hope my message has reached you in all its glory
The facts surely have something to teach you
Take it on board I don’t want to beseech you
They say it affects one person in four
Any day now it could knock on your door
World Mental Health Day October 10
It will be back next year to visit you once again