Ashwood Court wins LaingBuisson Award!

Congratulations are in order for our team at Ashwood Court Independent Hospital, which provides rehabilitation for people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, on receiving a LaingBuisson Award! 

The national award is for our ground-breaking work that is improving the physical health of our service users. 

Research shows that people with mental health disorders are significantly more likely to suffer physical ill health than the general population. Studies have shown that these people have higher incidences of cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity and on average die 10-15 years earlier.

We teamed up with a Golborne GP to provide additional physical health training to Angela Burchall, one of our support workers at Ashwood Court.

Angela was seconded to Dr Alistair Partnership’s Golborne practice, where she attended the practice training programme and gained a host of skills in health screening and interventions.

On her return, Angela was able to use her new skills in her work at Ashwood Court and a new physical healthcare pathway was established. This means that a raft of physical health checks - from weight to blood glucose level - are now carried out on admittance to the hospital and at regular intervals throughout our service user's stay.

The results speak for themselves, says our director of services Andy de Vares. "Since the physical health pathway was introduced in July 2013, type 2 diabetes has been found and treated in four previously undiagnosed patients.

He added: "The success of this pilot project has strengthened the belief shared by Making Space and Dr Alistair Partnership that equipping support workers with the necessary competences to deliver screening and treatment interventions could significantly reduce health inequalities for people with mental health needs."

A spokesperson from the LaingBuisson Awards said: "Ashwood Court has displayed its prowess through the innovative approached which it deals with managing the physical health of its clients as well as the mental health needs.

"Through projects such as the linking of its services with those of local doctors, Making Space is producing great results thanks to its expert focus on delivery pathways – making it a well deserving recipient of the Care Pathways accolade at this year’s LaingBuisson Awards."

There were over 500 nominations for the annual national health and social care awards, with 187 projects shortlisted. As well as being a finalist in this category, we were privileged to be selected as finalists in two other categories; healthcare outcomes and innovation in technology!

Congratulations once again to our team at Ashwood Court on their win!