Delivering Dementia Care & Support - Best Practice Example 3

Here at Making Space, we specialise in providing dementia care and support to thousands of people across the country, helping individuals and their families from early diagnosis right through to the later stages of dementia.  

Over the past few weeks, we have shared 3 of our best practice examples from our dementia work. We have looked at 3 unique lenses; what commissioners ask for, what people with dementia and their carers tell us and what we are learning. 

First example

In our first best practice example we focused on what commissioners ask for, and how our Doncaster Admiral Nurse service came about.

Second example

In our second best practice example we looked at what people with dementia and their carers tell us, and shared a wonderful story about our dementia law clinic

Third example - What we are learning

For the final example, we're looking at partnership working. We have been working in partnership with Contour Housing, who commissioned us to help them create dementia friendly environments. 

Our dementia space team started off by developing 5 dementia friendly cafes for their service users, as well as monitoring and developing their employees and working with local communities to create dementia friendly communities. 

Dawn Thornber

Dawn is a Health and Wellbeing Coordinator for Contour Homes, here Dawn tells us how Making Space helped her.