GP praises the "Angels of Rosemary Court"

Shirley was a survivor of the London blitz and one of the people who, after the war, helped set up the United Nations. She was a campaigner for peace, a passionate educator, a member of CND and a protestor against the Iraq war. She was also a mother of three.

A short while ago, following a serious stroke, Mary passed away after a long struggle with dementia. As a resident of Rosemary Court, she was cared for by people who really understood the impact dementia would have, not only on Shirley’s life, but on the lives of her family too.

Shirley’s daughter, Vicky, is a North Yorkshire GP and CCG Clinical Chief Officer. In her blog ‘Vicky’s Voice’, she wrote recently about the care given to the woman she described as “the bright, articulate, opinionated, fiercely loving and sometimes difficult woman who was my mother”.

She praised the “fantastic” general practice who supported her, and the gentle kindness and sensitivity of the community nurses. But she also singled out the staff at Rosemary Court.

“The staff were brilliant. They cared. They kept her comfortable and spoke with tenderness and compassion. They took care of us too, stayed beyond their normal shifts and volunteered to sit with her so we could sleep, so only people my mother knew would be there if she woke distressed.” 

In her eulogy to her mother, Vicky’s sister described the team as truly “the Angels of Rosemary Court”.

Read ‘Vicky’s Voice’ in full.