Making Space 'Gets the Picture'

Mental health charity, Time to Change, has called for the imagery used for articles about mental health to be changed.

Many articles about mental health often feature the stereotypical head-in-hands or ‘headclutcher’ stock photo. Time to Change has stated that they believe this is adding to the stigma surrounding mental health and from their survey of over 2,000 people, it found that:

  • “8 in 10 people told us headclutchers don’t show how it feels to have a mental health problem.

  • Images of suicide may trigger suicidal feelings – 1 in 3 reported these.

  • People with mental health problems don’t look depressed all the time"

As a result, Time to Change has created a wide range of images, many featuring people who have had personal experience with mental health issues, to kick start their Get the Picture campaign. They’ve also encouraged people to tweet their own “headclutcher” image with the hashtag #GoodbyeHeadclutcher to raise awareness.

We will be tweeting our own #GoodbyeHeadclutcher pictures to show our support, will you post yours? 

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Stephen Fry banner image from Time to Change website.