New scheme to convert school drop-outs to social care workers

Nearly 13% of young people in the UK are not in education, employment or training. Hertfordshire Country Council is doing something about that.

After Bex Taylor left school in 2010, she couldn’t find anything that suited her. A-levels didn’t work out, and then she tried jobs in retail and telesales, which she left after a few months. By 2014 she was a Neet; part of the generation of 16- to 24-year-olds who are not in education, employment or training.

When she heard about a new programme that Hertfordshire County Council was running to train young people in health and social care, Taylor’s interest was piqued. She’d already had experience of being a buddy to a young disabled adult and the idea of working with people who needed help sounded rewarding.

For the first part of the programme, Taylor worked in residential care with older people with dementia. While she enjoyed it, the job came alive for her in the second six months, when she worked at Stevenage Resource Centre , a day centre for people with physical disabilities and learning difficulties.  

It’s been lovely,” she says. “With the day centre you do a lot more, you go out a lot more and you try and find new ideas for them to have a good time. Everyone has different needs but they’re all meeting to spend their day together and do different things ­– quizzes, games, cooking, baking, bowling.” 

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