William's Poems

At Making Space we encourage all our service users to be creative and engage in their passions.

William Scriven, one of our Service users from Milton Road Scheme in Widness has done exactly that! William is a fantastic poet and he's even had a few read out of the radio.

We thought it about time we shared some of his work.

A Homecoming Legacy 

A little boy with a future,
A little girl with a dream:
Now almost forgotten -
By time.

A little boy with a vision,
A little girl with high hopes,
Now lost in the graveyard -
But mine.

The past meets the future,
Our lives intertwine
And over the decades -
We search.

We climb many mountains,
We cross over streams,
We meet many targets -
It hurts.

But one thing unites us,
For one thing we strive,
The cause of all battles and wars -

A thirst in our bellies,
A hunger inside,
The opening and closing of doors.

That one thing is love
And the need to be loved
And the need to give love in return.
A flickering candle,
The road leading home,
Yes such is that power -
It burns.

So let’s light a candle
And open the doors
And remember all those come and gone -
As past meets the future
And we open our eyes
At last seeing all our work has been done.

Radio Clips

To hear some more of William's poems see the below radio clips from Classic FM.

Memories of Childhood 

Berly's Tale