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For people living with, or recovering from, various mental health conditions, the key to experiencing an everyday life is often as simple as being able to work. Being in a position to earn a living can hugely enhance the feeling of self-reliance and independence. And voluntary work, too, can have a major and positive influence on self-esteem.

So, whether you’re aiming for full or part-time employment, paid or unpaid, we can give you invaluable expert advice, including information on supported
permitted work and volunteering. We can help you to achieve your work related or personal goals, change to more suitable employment and help you to build your confidence. 

The tools for the job

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer to the perfect preparation for work. It’s very much down to the highly personal needs and ambitions of each individual. That’s why we’re always guided and influenced by each person’s aspirations. Which means the first thing we need to do is find out more about you.

For example...

  • Do you have previous work experience?
  • Can we build on your existing skills?
  • Are you suited to a manual, service or office based position?
  • Do you have a CV we can enhance?
  • Do you need help writing application forms?
  • Do you want to practice for interviews?
  • Would access to Further or Higher Education help you?
  • Could a short course of study, including communication and confidence skills building, make a difference?
  • Did you know that, in many circumstances, part time work will not adversely affect benefits?

Your employment development worker will support you through a work star assessment tool to set your personal goals and measure your progress.

Working with a range of other services, including Primary Mental Health services, our employment development workers (EDW) support people suffering with mental ill health who are ready to access confidence building, training or education, and voluntary or paid employment. EDW’s can also
assist with tips on CV writing and interview skills or sign-post to relevant agencies who can offer support with basic writing and numeracy skills or advice about benefit changes. We know that everybody is unique and therefore EDW practice reflects this.

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