Oldham Dementia Action Alliance

The Oldham Dementia Action Alliance is made up of organisations across Oldham, working together to radically improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carers.

We're working towards bringing about a society-wide response to dementia. At a national level The Oldham Dementia Action Alliance is working to shape policy and attitudes, and locally, we galvanise action by coordinating and supporting local Dementia Action Alliances. 

National Dementia Action Alliance 

The National Dementia Action Alliance brings together members with a national footprint, working to improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers within health and social care.

If you’re a public body, business or charity that would like to make a public ongoing commitment to improving the lives of people with dementia, then we want you!

To become a member, organisations sign up to the National Dementia Declaration for England and submit an action plan setting out how they are delivering the outcomes described in the declaration.

Local Dementia Action Alliance

A Local Dementia Action Alliance brings together regional and local members to improve the lives of people with dementia in their area. They are seen as the local vehicle to develop dementia friendly communities.

A Local Alliance can be established at any level, be it a village, city, county or even a region. They can overlap geographically and member organisations are encouraged to participate in more than one.

Members are classed as either national or local depending on whether they have an ambition to deliver outcomes nationally or on a regional/local level.

Becoming a member is easier than you think

We ask our members to pledge to a minimum of 3 actions, including:

  • Having a named champion who is responsible for leading the implementation of the action plan in their organisation
  • Increase staff awareness of dementia within their organisation

To find out more, request an application or receive support in completing the Oldham DAA action plan, please contact:

Amanda Barrell on 0161 633 2403 or Amanda.Barrell@makingspace.co.uk