Warrington and Wigan CCBT

Back in 2006 the government launched IAPT, Improving Access to Psychological Services, in order to give more people access to Physiological treatment.

Here at Making Space, we offer one of these IAPT treatments, cCBT, in the Warrington and Wigan area. 

What is cCBT?

cCBT is a NICE recommended computerised self help programme for depression and/or anxiety. We use a programme called 'Beating the Blues', in which there are 8 helpful sessions, one to be completed each week. This programme will teach you techniques about how to manage depression and anxiety. 

cCBT is based on the face to face therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), and is an evidenced based treatment. It is aimed to help you to take control of your symptoms by firstly understanding them and then secondly, applying both cognitive and behaviour techniques. These techniques can help you to change how you think and behave, which in turn should help to reduce your anxiety and or depression. 

What will I get from my cCBT experience? 

As well as access to the programme, we will also provide you access to a cCBT coordinator who will help you through your journey. Our coordinators are on hand each week to help you with any problems you may have and to motivate you through the programme. From our own experience we find that people do much better with support and guidance. 

Once you have referred to the service you will then be offered an introductory session, during this one of our coordinators will describe the service and help you to decide if it is the right thing for you.

If it is, you will be given access to 8 sessions of 'Beating the Blues', on the condition that you abide by our use agreement. If it is not right for you our coordinators will discuss other options with you.

How do I refer?

To access our Warrington and Wigan cCBT you must have a Warrington or Wigan GP.

To self refer please complete our form and return to ccbt@makingspace.co.uk

Or for more information please do not hesitate to call: 01925 581755 or email ccbtadmin@makingspace.co.uk